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Foster Pets

The following pets are available for adoption, just like in the shelter. The only difference is they are currently placed with foster parents.

Male-Smokey: (Contact:

10wks. 15lbs. He is a mama's boy and loves affection (he was the runt but know the biggest). Weaning from his mother was easy because he has a very strong appetite.

Female-Nala: (Contact:

10wks. 12lbs. She is quick to learn, mature and independent; the most successful with potty training. Good appetite, strength and body definition.

Female-Lyric: (Contact:

10 wks. 12lbs. She is resilient, fearless, adapts quickly, very observant and adventurous. She was hardest to wean and has a finicky appetite.

Mother is Jaguar. She is absolutely perfect! Developed routine and adapted to environment immediately within first 24hrs. Extremely affectionate and consistently obedient, fully house-broken and a pleasure to love.